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DBZ VS Metal gear rex

2010-11-19 15:06:24 by Olzone

cant belive no one crossed these two before.
GO se it
Dbz vs rex
original titel FTW !!

Flash CS 5 wtf

2010-11-17 03:02:07 by Olzone

do not save a cs4 project to a cs 5 project it will kill your prjoect. ..
my project was 8 years old from macromedia MX to adobe flash cs 4 but . . .
saving it as an flash cs5 was impossible.
if you have ANY ANYYYY empty frames on layer one, on your project, it will kill itself by hanging.
so any work you dont have backup on is blown up.
it has cease to exist
it is no more
it has kicked the bucket.

and overall its not so bad

tom fulps brain is mighty tasty
so tasty infact i made a movie of it.

one mighty tasty brain


2009-10-29 20:26:36 by Olzone

a hammer, chainsaw, your hippo

AND my new epsidoe of UPPCON X is out jaey


2009-10-15 21:24:23 by Olzone

i got n WACOM!!! a4 wich is AWESOME 10 times better then trust crap
dont trust the trust company.

i got a Trust TB-7300 and has just recently crashed down again for the first time.
this may seem odd but the first time my trust crashed down, i got a new one.
and i have now own the new one for 1 month and it has already crashed down.

note to self: never buy the cheaper alternative , when involving important work on the stake.

the biggest Convention in sweden have been stolen..
and guys and . girls and other ppl do stuff about it.

Taken over project "Dolores create"

2009-04-16 11:25:53 by Olzone

i have taken over the 2 years old "The dolores create 3 sec collab" or as some ppl know it as
"Pandoras box"
and i have worked myself out.
and is without a doubt maybe finished in sunday.
so hope you see it
at the time you can stare at the awesome pic Temarix has done.

Taken over project "Dolores create"

I have decided

2009-01-21 18:00:03 by Olzone

that things have to take its time, which its need
*Flash collab Parts

each one of them takes serious amount of time. .. and all of them are really hard to understand how they really works.. Anyway im starting a new Flash. . that i decided to finish really fast.. not much animation
but its still gonna be awesome .. its based on Chad Kroegers "Hero".

I have decided

Atm im waiting for

voices for my
"dark knight collab"
its gonna be real tight if they wanted me to finish it by 19th jan

im waiting on a story board from
loyad cofman (the maker of TOXIC AVENGER )
im gonna animate the storyborad for it to make the actor
know what they are doing =)

instead of just waiting . I have worked my ass off for 5 days.. .. and i got 30% finished
on my chistmas special.. i hope i get it in time , but with the chistmas and all i dunno
if you still reading YOU/ better see the christmas special >c)

Waiting for stuff / Christmas special 08